The search for the perfect Caribbean beer goes on!

I strive to review in the public interest the beers of the world…well in the Caribbean anyway, after many visits and personal suffering in the interests of all my readers I am still reviewing the delights of this delightful golden liquid. Having travelled the region extensively I conclude the makers of lager are missing a trick here. Yes, there are some very palatable beers but one has to bear in mind a few things.

Banks beer, the best on the planet!

Firstly, the average temperature in the region is between 27 and 32 degrees all year round. To get a refreshing beer that doesn’t go straight to your head is almost impossible, in the UK the type of beer needed was known a ‘session’ beer, a low alcohol tasty drink that could be consumed in large quantities without the onslaught of the term ‘talking bollocks’.

This unfortunately happens in the Caribbean ring.  After a day out sightseeing you would return to the hotel and grab a beer from the all inclusive bar. This would always be served at about 3 degrees c. cold, refreshing and extremely thirst quenching. The danger after three of these bottles of this Ambrosia, nectar of the gods, would be the side effects of the alcohol going straight to the head and the onset of the term noted above. If a 3% version was produced this would minimise this unpleasant side effect and you could chat to your fellow holiday makers in sensible conversation prior to going to supper.

Secondly, the colder the beer the more you are inclined to drink, if it was chilled to 5 degrees c the effect would be lessened, it would be sufficiently cold enough to be refreshing but less likely to stir up the sensory thingamys in your brain.

Our most recent travels took us to Mexico where we have tried and rated the two local beers entirely for your benefit and delight. Sol is a light beer with a ABV of 3.2 so quite light and refreshing. It does however leave a sharp tang in the back of the throat long after the last drop has passed. If consumed in conjunction with a cheeseburger, it makes the food taste quite odd. I would point out the Sol in Mexico is completely different to the licenced product available in the UK.

The second and to be fair the more drinkable Dos Equis XX is a stronger but more palatable lager at 4.7 ABV. For a stronger lager it is very quaffable and leaves little or no hangover. My choice of beer for Mexico is the Dos Equis hands down.

So, in overall ratings we have the following. 1st Banks, 2nd Piton, 3rd Hairoun 4th Dos Equis, 5th Turtal, 6th Carib and finally the Sol. The search for the perfect Caribbean ring, lager will continue later next year.
Remember, I endure the pain on your behalf so you don’t have to!

And so, my fellow travellers and beer aficionados, the search for the perfect Caribbean beer continues unabated. Look out Antigua, you are next on the list for scrutiny!

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