The search for the perfect Caribbean beer goes on!

I strive to review in the public interest the beers of the world…well in the Caribbean anyway, after many visits and personal suffering in the interests of all my readers I am still reviewing the delights of this delightful golden liquid. Having travelled the region extensively I conclude the makers of lager are missing aContinue reading “The search for the perfect Caribbean beer goes on!”

Memories of a Kentish village

It might be a little early for thinking of Christmas but here is a little stocking filler for those of a certain age. The Memories of a Kentish village-a childhood spent in more innocent times chronicles the adventure of a young lad in East Kent from the early 1960s through to 1973. Life adventures andContinue reading “Memories of a Kentish village”

Tobago, the unspoilt Caribbean island

I would like to share a little secret with my readers. There is a small island 470 miles from the coast of Venezuela. It is Tobago, part of the country of Trinidad and Tobago the southern most islands in the Caribbean ring. As seasoned travellers to this part of the world we have discovered TobagoContinue reading “Tobago, the unspoilt Caribbean island”

Tales from the Coop – part 3. The Football match

Today started just the same as all the others, 0545 Primrose top hen started yelling ‘Oi Baldy time to get up, where’s our breakfast’. I trudged down the garden with a refresh of hen treats, bleary eyed having been awake for half the night with a niggling back. Today was shaping up as all theContinue reading “Tales from the Coop – part 3. The Football match”